Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Add a completion to my long, long, WIP to do list

amigurumi black hair girl

I have to confess to having a very large WIP to-do list.  I am a crafter, and therefore I am fickle.  I want to do what I want when I want.  This means, to my husband's dismay, that I try never to get anything done.  I'm always starting something new.

If you remember from my post on The Junk in my Trunk a few weeks ago, I dragged an unfinished amigurumi out from behind my sewing machine.  My Youngest found it and insisted that, as her sister had a home-made dolly made by me, that she wanted one for herself.  Stat.  I aim to please.  Besides, I was really close to being done.  This cute little gal only needed a leg a face sewn on and her shoes completed.  Not too difficult.  It's kind of amazing how much kinder this gal looks now that she has a sweet smile sewn on...before she looked kind of...evil.  I also had to add a serious amount of PINK to it.  MY Youngest only loves pink.  This doll was actually meant for another child and didn't get finished in My Youngest has claimed it as her own.  Fair's fair.

You know you're doing some serious crochet when you've got 3 place markers so you can keep track of what you're doing.  Turned out cute though, didn't they?   I'd like to say this is the first time I've actually made the bottom of the shoes correctly.  I am so proud...only took me about 10 times!  Yay!

I did learn something by making the hair on this doll, if you choose to use black yarn, it will look like the doll is going gray.  You have to drag your needle through the fluff inside...and some fluff will come out and look like gray hairs.  Oh well.  My dad went prematurely gray, maybe my kids should just embrace the inevitable?

Here's the crocheted crew hanging out.  My Oldest's bunny rabbit.  My Youngest's....humanoid and a unicorn.  What, that doesn't look like a unicorn to you?  Me either.  I actually think I created a new creature when I made it and called it a...lizacorn  It's a new and unique breed of mythical creature.  There's a post on it.  It's insightful.

My favorite amigurumi though...has to be...

The Mini Lord of the Dance.  Sigh.  Yes, this may well be my greatest creation.  Love making fun little critters...including adding nipples to some of them.

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  1. Those are the coolest. My daughter has some pretty intense dolly jealousy going on right now.

  2. I hear you on the WIP. I have bundles of yarn destined for an ami and I can't remember what they were for. My Ravelry queue is 3 pages long! There is always so many cute things to make! Quilting is not much better, at least it is more organized though. CUTE STUFF!

  3. bwahahaha - that one of Ryan - hahaha...oh poor guy!!!! These are great Heather. love them

  4. Those are as cute as can be and Michael Flatley is surely honored!

  5. Adorable! Love them! Great job and share! I love the Mini Mister's and LOVE the belt - to funny & cute!!!

  6. This is amazing! I bet this took a long time! It's so cute!
    Thanks for linking up!

  7. These are really cute. I can't wait to see future projects. I'm happy to be a new GFC follower.


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